Samantha Parkington is a cool girl who likes to be perfect. She wants everything to be done the way she wants everything to be done the way she wants. She is nine years old. She was born May 26, 2000. 3 days before me! Samantha loves to have lots of attention. Nellie O'Malley used to be her best friend when she was seven but after a swimming accident Nellie got amnesha. After she had recovered she became a bully. She is sometimes mean and sometimes nice now. She's already had a sleepover with Samantha after Nellie had gotten amnesha. Samantha is sometimes called Sam. She goes to AG Academy. Her teacher is Miss Anna. The helper teacher is Mrs.Boob. Mr.Paul is the Principal. Samantha is in 4th grade there. Samantha likes to be in school plays. This year her school play is Doo Wop Wed Widing Hood. She is on the basketball, soccor, and softball teams at her school. She does all kinds of dances at the dance place in her town in Brookfield, Connecticut. Samantha also does cheerleading. Samantha has been Spinner in the movie Star Trek 2 that came out last August and was filmed in early July. She will be in Star Trek 3 which will be filmed in early July again and put into thertres in August. The other kids in her class are Nellie O'Malley, Heather Kit Kwasini, Ruthie Smithens, Mia Brown, Kaily Habbit, and Selena Foyer. Samantha dreams to be a actress/singer when she grows up. Since Nellie got amnesha a lot has changed for Samantha. She has become more popular. At first she wasn't popular she was just a regular rich girl who was very kind. Nellie has became more mean so they grew apart.