Kaya Doll

The Kaya doll.

The Kaya "aton"my doll was released in 2002.

Kaya DollEdit

Kaya's skin tone is somewhere between Addy's and Josefina's.
  • Hair: Black, straight and long (to doll's knees when fully unbraided), center part, no bangs.
Kaya's hair comes in two braids.
  • Eyes: Dark Brown

Meet OutfitEdit


Kaya with Meet Kaya.

Kaya's meet outfit represents the clothing worn by Nez Perce tribes in the 1760s. Although the pieces are called "deerskin," "porcupine," etc. in the descriptions, they are not made from real animal products. She does not have any underclothes.


A "deerskin" dress trimmed with fringe and blue beads. White beads run across the front seam. There is a dark spot on the center front to simulate a deer's tail. Velcros up the back.


A brown belt that cinches around the waist. It is tied in front and velcros in the back.


Brown "deerskin" moccasins that are wrapped around her lower calf.

Hair ShellsEdit

The top of each of Kaya's braids is wrapped with a round abalone shell on a light brown elastic band.

Hair tiesEdit

Two short "leather" ties are at the end of each braid.

Meet AccessoriesEdit


Kaya's Meet Accessories.

Porcupine quill necklaceEdit

The porcupine-quill necklace is made of three necklaces attached at a clasp; each necklace has white round beads and slender beads to simulate porcupine quills. The colors from the shortest strand to the longest are green, blue, and red.

Belt PouchEdit

Kaya's purse, a small bag that is attached to her belt with a woven design.

Woven BagEdit

A woven bag with simulated woven design; the design is stamped on.


  • With the exception of the shells used in Kaya's hair ties, all animal products are simulated.