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Rebbeca Doll Rebecca Rubin is the newest Historical Character. She is the second jewish doll. She is from 1914. She lives in NYC. She dreams of being an actress but her parents want her to be a teacher. She was realeased on May 31,2009. She became a doll because of Samantha's archive.



Lanie is now available to purchase. She is the Girl of the Year 2010. She will be here for one year. It is surprising that there is no best friend doll. I guess that's because she has no friends.

Kirsten's Retirment

As you might have heard Kirsten is getting retired. It was first annouced in early October. She is one of the first of the american girl dolls. She will be retired like Samantha and Nellie did last year. Her items are selling out fast. Buy Kirsten quick if you want her!


It's only a month left until Chrissa gets retired. Her swimming gear is already sold out. Buy her quickly if you want her! Too bad it's 2015 now!

Girl of the Year 2010

It has been announed that the Girl of the year 2010 is going to be named Lanie Holland. Her book cover looks like this:  [1]It is unexpected that she has blonde hair because she was expected to be African American.            Her books will be named Lanie and Lanie's Real Adventure.


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